Black Saddle Bike Shop K.E.G.S


The K.E.G. is an innovative storage solution, perfect for quick and easy storage on nearly any bike with a water bottle cage. It’s everything you need, and nothing you don’t. The K.E.G. is perfectly sized to store a spare inner tube, multitool, patch kit or a couple of gels. The underside of the screw top features a Stash Cap, a hidden compartment to store a masterlink or patch kit and keep things organized. The K.E.G. is also completely watertight, featuring a robust screw top design, so you can ride with the peace of mind that your gear will be dry, secure and ready when you need it.

Completely watertight design keeps things dry no matter the conditions
16oz size is perfect for an inner tube, multitool and other small necessities
The K.E.G. stash cap underneath the main lid secures your chain masterlinks and patch kits to keep things organized